Line Scout Lace-to-Toe

Price: $349.95


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White's boot last run large. This means most people should take a half size down from their natural shoe size, or Brannock measurement. On our heighest arched lasts, a full size may be necessary, as the arch support shortens the overall length of the foot during wear. Fit Guide

Line Scout Lace-to-Toe

Price: $349.95

Line Scout Lace-to-Toe
Line Scout Lace-to-Toe
Line Scout Lace-to-Toe
Line Scout Lace-to-Toe
Line Scout Lace-to-Toe
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Test The Durability Of Our Goodyear Welted Fire Boot.

Living up to our standard for building the highest quality boot at any price, the Line Scout boasts the reliability of a Goodyear welt and stability of a hand-bottomed finish. Sporting an all-leather shank, the Line Scout provides immediate comfort and continuous durability for the uneven terrain of the forest. Wear it, resole it, and wear it again for the long seasons ahead.

10" Full Grain Water-Resistant Leather Upper
to absorb high impact.
Vibram® Midsole & Leather Shank
for a custom fit and feel.
Vibram® Fire & Ice White Dot Sole
for increased safety and security in harsh environments.
4811 Arch-Ease™ Last
with a high arch for optimal comfort.

Goodyear Welt Construction

A Goodyear welt, the gold standard of boot construction at most companies, is a hallmark of quality at an affordable price at White’s.

A Goodyear welt is machine stitched, making production fast and precise. But all that speed can easily affect comfort, as synthetic materials replace the all-leather construction that our hand-sewing process requires—that’s why we’ve gentrified the fast and ready Goodyear welt with a thorough hand-bottoming at the hands of our master bootmakers. With an all leather shank, and an all leather midsole, our Goodyear welted boots boast the off-the-shelf readiness of a boot half their price and the comfort of a boot twice their price.

Additional Specs
  • Model H7809
  • NFPA Certified
  • Goodyear Welted Construction
  • Resoleable
  • Fire Resistant Technora® Thread
  • Customizable
    All of our boots can be customized to suit your preferences. Restrictions apply for NFPA-certified products. For more information, please call our order department at 800-541-3786
  • Built to Last